National Parkinsons Foundation

“Parkinson’s is a challenging and often debilitating disease that robs too many people of their ability to lead a full life. I watched in awe as my father bravely battled this disease and know that he greatly benefited from care, which significantly minimized his symptoms by addressing all aspects of his well being.” – Katie Couric, honorary national chair of Moving Day.  

Parkinson’s disease affects as many as 1 million Americans, with 50,000 new cases diagnosed each year.  Each Moving Day features a Movement Pavilion, where guests can enjoy yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, dance and much more.  Studies show that movement is beneficial and proven to help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, improving flexibility and mobility. Katie Couric is serving as the honorary national chair of Moving Day to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease.  The importance of good care for people with Parkinson’s is near and dear to Ms. Couric—her father, John Couric, 90, died recently from complications due to Parkinson’s disease.